Thanks Overholser Mansion!

The 2nd Annual "Scary Tales & Twlight Tours" has wrapped up with the Friday night series. Saturday night has been cancelled due to trick-or-treat schedules. The two performances each night were filled and most were first time visitors to the 1903 mansion.

The Ghost Teller enjoyed herself, the manager, staff and volunteers were (as always) wonderful, and the lovely lady of historic Oklahoma City homes was her magnificent self. She seems to enjoy once more basking in the warm glow of lighted chandeliers and many visitors in a house which once welcomed guests on a weekly basis. The echo of those parties and that joyful time seems to dance around each room, glide down the staircase, and whirl around the halls.

The Ghost Teller aka Marilyn A. Hudson was delighted be once more part of raising community awareness and support for this historic gem. Individuals are encouraged to join the Preservation Oklahoma to help save this, and other, important historic locations. They are all part of strange, wonderful , and Mystorical history.
The Ghost Teller encourages all to be well and truly "Haunted by History"....

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