"The Oklahoma Ghostteller" shared spine tingling tales at the Paracon 2009 in El Reno. Also there were icons, Count Gregore and Dr. Fear. And TV's Patrick Burns,

Kind words for Marilyn Hudson aka "The Oklahoma Ghost Teller" and her appearance as storyteller at the recent Paracon. She encouraged attendees to find and uncover local stories and share those. Then she shared some folklore and tales.:

"Marilyn A. Hudson...Opened this years Oklahoma Paranormal Conference with her skills of story telling! It was a dark and stormy night was the theme of this years event as we celebrated the ghost story. Marilyn helped us all understand the importance of these stories and why we should share them not only in words, but verbally with future generations. She is not unfamilair with the stage by any means, being a seasoned speaker and story teller, she was able to generate excitement with the crowd and help us all realize the importance of story telling. It's not about fact, fiction or the need to believe, it's the art and craft of telling a story and making it fun and entertaining. Thank you Marilyn for doing what you do and we hope that ParaCon guests will remember to tell stories!!!" --G.H.O.U.L.I. website

Best of all one attendee said "...you rock!"
[Thanks Pamela for the pictures!]

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